3800 – Shaman Paintings Calendar

Physical description:
Large calendar with green cover, folds out to reveal paintings and dates. Stapled.
Museum classification:
30cm x 33cm (folded)

From the back of the calendar:

Healer, medium, showman and safe, the shaman inhabits the borderlands between our prosaic world and that of the spirits.  Shamanism - the oldest of religious systems - demands from its practitioner the ability to transcend the boundaries of space and time, the sympathy to consult with the animal and wind deities, the courage to venture into inconcenivable realms, and the stamina to bring back the wisdom he or she has sought there.

Susan Seddot Boulet (American, b.Brazil, 1941-1997) took a strong person interest in shamanism; she used the results of her research to chart the course of her spiritual journey.  From her deep understanding of the shamanic tradition, she created images that speak to the multidimensional space in which the shaman travels.

This calendar's twelve luminous images are accompanied by excerpts from Native American poems, statements, ceremonies, prayers and songs.

Includes the paintings:

Totem, 1996

Grandmother's Voices, 1994

Calling the Fish Spirit, 1993

Lone Wold, 1993

Jaguar Legend, 1988

Raven Kachina, 1992

Cameo, 1992

Father Fox, 1992

Owl, 1994

The River Gods, 1994

Cyote Secre, 1994

Cirque, 1994

Paper, card, ink
Copyright ownership:
Susan Seddon Boulet