3146 – Simpsons Tree House of Horror figures: A set of Halloween plastic figures

Physical description:
Small plastic toys in a variety of different designs. Each features a character from the popular TV series The Simpsons.
Museum classification:
Halloween exhibition
13cm x 9cm x 5cm

These toys/figures were part of a Burger King promotion. They feature characters from the Simpsons dressed in Halloween costumes. This ties in with the Simpson's Halloween episodes which are entitled: Treehouse of Horror.
There are 15 figures in all.
Homer Simpson as a zombie standing next to a gravestone with "Fresh from the Grave" on one side and "mmmm gravy" on the other.
Groundskeeper Willy as the Creature from the Black Lagoon with an image of the three eyed fish and nuclear power plant in the background.
Marge Simpson as a witch standing next to a cauldron holding a container with "Eye of Newt" written on it.
Lisa Simpson as a ghost with a cat with arched back in front of her. When she is pushed down, the cat's eyes light up (they are green).
Grandfather Simpson as Dracula with a sign behind him saying "Springfield Retirement Castle Blood Drive Today" on it.
Maggie Simpson with a headband and wings on. Standing next to a Jack O'Lantern with a dummy in its mouth. When Maggie turns round, the pumpkin glows red.
Homer Simpson as King Kong with a picture of him eating a giant burger.
Barney as an Egyptian mummy with a sign saying "King Tut" on one side and "I miss my Mummy" on the other.
Bart Simpson in a skeleton suit, a skeletal head in front of him and a hand coming out of the ground grabbing his ankle. With a gravestone which says "Bone" on side and "To be wild" on the other.
Groundskeeper Willy dressed like Death (with a broom instead of a scythe) with a sign saying "The Grim Sweeper" on one side and "Prepare to meet thy broom" on the other.
Otto as a zombie with a sign behind him showing him awakening the dead with his guitar playing.
Bart Simpson as Godzilla with a picture behind him showing him stomping on his house.
Ned Flanders as a werewolf with the sign behind him saying "My barber's not gonna like this!"
Doctor Hibbert as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.
The aliens Kang and Kodos with a sign saying "It Kang from outer space!"