3715 – ‘The Clodgy Moor Goddess’, possibly a neolithic sculpture of the Earth Goddess

Museum classification:
4.2 x 3.5 cm

On loan from Col. E. T. Bolitho and presented by the finder, Graham E. Hill.

This brightly coloured stone was found on the surface of a field on Clodgy Moor in a Neolithic and Mesolithic flint scatter.  Initially interpreted as a 'pigment palette', Graham E. Hill has subsequently interpreted the object as a 'Neolithic idol of the most developed and detailed form'.  A study of the possible goddess find was published in Graham E. Hill, 'Clodgy Moor boat & Goddess engraved finds', Meyn Mamvro, No.85, Autumn 2014.

Copyright ownership:
Respective owner/finder, MWM