3025 – Thors Hammer: Mini metal replica of Hammer of Thor

Physical description:
A small metal hammer made to look like Thor's Hammer.
Museum classification:
Modern Witchcraft
The maker of this object commented, via email: "I understand a friend of mine has dropped down to you a mini thors hammer I made, I make them off and on during work if there's nothing to do and though[t] you would like one There made from a medium carbon steel block hand cut and filed to shape then polished by hand with fine sand paper and wire wool,the handle is made from twisted copper wire and given square look with a small tap from hammer They are representing my faith as a heathen as a cross is to Christianity, as I said it's a representation of thors mighty hammer, the one I have sent down was made for your museum for you and many others to enjoy so please do"
Two types of metal