3582 – Three Hares card

Physical description:
Commercially produced card with hare image and text. The card has been written in.
Museum classification:
21cm x 10.5cm

Includes an image of three hares in a triangle and the text:

The journey of "the three hares" began as long ago as AD500 in Buddhist cave art.  Thence along "The Silk Road" in the medium of textiles.

Part of a shared Medieval heritage of Europe and Asia, an extraordinary & ancient archetype.

Reproduced extensively by craftsmen & women of diverse religious & cultural beliefs.

Divine & mystical steeped in lunar mythology the journey of "the three hares" continues.

The card is written to Judith and Peter (Hewitt - the Museum managers from 2014) and is from Peter's aunt Mary and uncle Peter.  Received in 2016.

Card and ink
Copyright ownership:
Alison Oxendale