2425 – Trade pendant

Physical description:
Pendant with hole for suspension, made of translucent glass with what appears to be an Arabic inscription in gilt paint. 'MADE IN AUSTRIA' stamped on the back.
Museum classification:
Spells and charms
26 x 29 x 4

2404-2440 is a series of very similar glass trade pendants. Accession 1945.465 in the Scarborough Museum Trust's (SMT) Clarke collection is six trade pendants almost identical to these. The SMT's examples were made in Austria for colonial trade with Sudan, East Africa. Edward Lovett mentions trade charms from Bohemia in his article 'The Modern Commercial Aspect of an Ancient Superstition' (in Folklore Vol. 13, 1902). Further research would be required to ascertain whether the MoW's artifacts are made in the form of traditional Sudanese charm pendants, and what the Arabic inscriptions mean. T.Cadbury, 21/09/2011.

Glass, gilt paint