3307 Voodoo Doll: Saddam Hussein voodoo doll

Physical description:
Stuffed Saddam Hussein doll with cardboard and plastic packaging.
Museum classification:
Wartime Magic
20cm x 33cm

Description of the Doll: caricatured Saddam Huseein doll in military uniform.  He has a bloody knife hanging from his belt and the words "Saddam Insane" on his uniform.  Behind the doll is a cardboard display showing a desert and an Arabic style city with tanks outside it.

Description of the packaging: Beast of Baghdad TM "You do" Voo doo doll (title).  Your chance to stick it Saddam like he's stuck it to us (Pins like batteries not included).  A yellow ribbon is tied on the other side with this phrase next to it: "America's plea...Bring our troops Home Safely"

Attached to the doll is this label: Beast of Baghdad.  If you have someone near and dear over there this will bring you a smile!  Stick him with a pin everytime you think of our heroic troops in operation desert shield.  Stick him again (like he's sticking it to us) when you fill up your car with gas.  Let your guests stick him like he's sticking his so called "guests".  Stick him once more just to even the score.  

Copyright 1990 Laid Back.  Made in the USA.

Material, cardboard and plastic
Copyright ownership:
Laid Back Inc