3755 – White Horse of Uffinton plate

Physical description:
Small ceramic handmade plate with colourful painted glazed front.
Museum classification:
Goddess, Sacred sites, protection
8cm diameter

Extract from the maker's webpage:

This piece is inspired by the prehistoric chalk horse that can be found carved into the hillside at Uffington in Oxfordshire, UK. Though there are a number of hillside chalk carvings in this area, the Uffington white horse is by far the most ancient and is believed by many to have had spiritual significance to our ancestors.

Within Celtic mythology, the white horse is associated with the Faery Goddess Rhiannon, a Goddess of fertility, healing, the moon and inspiration. She is also often linked to the goddess Epona who is also associated with a white horse within her mythologies.

Ceramic (earthenware), paint and glaze
Copyright ownership:
Rowan Song Crafts