3195 – Witches in eggshells: Painting by Jos A Smith

Physical description:
A large long painting featuring a stormy sea with large waves. There are three witches in eggshells, one seems to be directing the waves.
Museum classification:
Sea Witchcraft
80cm x 45cm
This painting originally appeared in the book "Witches" (1981) which was a collaboration between Erica Jong and Jos A Smith. The painting formed part of the Museum's first ever temporary exhibition in 2015 which was called "Witches and Witchlore: the illustrations of Jos A Smith". Jos visited the Museum in 2015 and kindly donated this original painting. The picture appears on page 155 of the hardback copy of the book with the following text: "The association of witches shows that suspicion of evil always clung to the fairies. Dangerous on land, they were even more dangerous at sea, where they commandeered eggshells as boats and attempted to sink sailing ships with magical storms." There is a common belief that empty eggshells should be broken to prevent their use by witches.
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