Gemstone Pendant


A very striking and dramatic pendant, consisting of a freeform piece of polished buddstone in a copper wire setting that wraps the edge of the stone. The pendant hangs from a bronze chain that has the links interspersed with nephrite jade beads.

This type of setting means that both sides of the stone are visible, making the pendant reversible.

Buddstone, also known as African jade, is a beautiful mottled green stone only found in Southern Africa. It is more like serpentine than true jade, with occlusions creating interesting patterns within the stone. It is thought to have similar magical properties to serpentine, and to help the wearer to access the wisdom of the Earth.

Handcrafted in Northumberland by Andrew Helme.

Stone size approx. 4cm (1.5″) tall and 2.5cm (1″) wide (6.5cm tall including setting). Chain approx. 58cm (23″) long.

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