Banned Books Week – Extra – Nicholas Culpepper

In an extra reading for our BANNED BOOKS WEEK programming, Gypsy Evans-Leaver, one of the MWM Core staff – also a former Registered Nurse – kindly brought to our attention the case of Nicholas Culpepper – author of Culpepper’s Herbal. Nicholas Culpepper’s work has been continuously in print since the 17th Century and is one of the building blocks of antiquity of modern medical herbalism. What is less well known is that Culpepper became a radical republican and opposed the elite body of practitioners represented by Royal College of Physicians. During the English Civil War, Culpepper deliberately contravened the ban and published his translations of the London Pharmacopaeia from the official Latin into vernacular English and made the books available very very cheaply – in one of the first ever popular attempts on behalf of everyman to resist big pharma! 

Here’s to Nicholas Culpepper, and thanks to Gypsy for the short recording.

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