Dew of Heaven: Ritual Magic Conference 2018

On Saturday May 12th and Sunday May 13th, the Museum will be hosting its annual May conference at the Wellington Hotel, Boscastle.  As usual, this ties in with the theme of our exhibition.  Our 2018 exhibition is “Dew of Heaven: Objects of Ritual Magic” and the theme for the 2018 conference is Ritual Magic.

Here is an overview of the speakers and their topics.  More details on each of the papers to follow in our blog section in due course.

Saturday May 12th from 10am

Carolyn Hartz       Secret Knowledge in the Renaissance: Alchemy as Spiritual Transformation

Al Cummins        The Ritual Magic of Early Modern Geomancy

Dan Harms          A Liverpool cunning man and his Magical Manual

John Callow        The Witch King and the Electric Muse: Alex Sanders and the rituals of the Counterculture

Judith Noble      A Crafted Magic?  Hereward Wake and Ritual Magic

Peter Grey          The Shining Land: Ritual Magic in Cornwall

Jesse Hathaway Diaz  Quimbandorium Verum: Brazilian Quimbanda and the Grimoires

Demetrius Lacroix  Sect rouge, European Grimores and the African diaspora

Sunday May 13th from 10am

Joyce Froome Ritual Magic and the Collision of Faiths: How Medieval Ceremonial Magic was shaped by Sufism, Tengrism and Islamic Science

Tim Landry Willful Things: Sorcery and Encountering Ritual Magic in West Africa and Beyond

Mogg Morgan Seven Utterances of the Vulture Goddess – an ancient Egyptian battle rite

Elaine Bailey The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, what a Victorian magician needed to know to become an Adept

Georgia Van Raalte Dion Fortune and the Limits of Public Occultism

Peter Mark Adams Elite Illuminism & Saturnian Ritual in Renaissance Italy

We aim to finish by 3.30pm on Sunday.