Past Events

Folklore and Magic Walks

Folklore and Magic Walk A Guided Tour around Boscastle with folklorist and author Steve Patterson Meet outside the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic at 2pm £7 per person (price includes …


Current exhibition

Glitter and Gravedust

To coincide with and augment this out ‘Glitter and Gravedust’ exhibition, the Museum will be holding a day of talks on October 15th at the Wellington Hotel. Key note speaker: …


Annual event

All Hallow’s Eve at the Museum

On Saturday October 29th , the Museum will be holding its third annual All Hallow’s Eve Dark Gathering which includes dark morris dancing, a lantern procession, a visit by various osses who perform a traditional pwnco ceremony at the Museum door, fire dances and a candlelit evening at the Museum.


Witchcraft Workshops FULLY BOOKED

The Museum will be hosting two witchcraft workshops in 2016.  These are open to everyone although pre-booking is essential.  Contact the Museum by email ( or phone (01840250111) to book …


An event of Cornish Guize customs, music and festive story-telling

Chalking the Mock and Ghost Stories for Old Christmas

OLD CHRISTMAS – when by Act of Parliament the Calendar changed from the Old Julian to the New Gregorian in 1752, Cornish men and women were rather annoyed that 11 precious days went missing …