Talk: From Granite to Sea: The Folklore of Bodmin Moor and East Cornwall

From Granite to Sea: The Folklore of Bodmin Moor and East Cornwall, a talk by Alex Langstone at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic

Come and join folklore author Alex Langstone for an evening in the library of the Museum of Witchcraft amd Magic, where he will present an illustrated talk about his brand new book From Granite to Sea, which explores the folklore of Bodmin Moor and eastern Cornwall.
Cornwall is an ancient land steeped in legend and myth. From Granite to Sea explores the folklore of the often-overlooked eastern reaches of the rugged Cornish peninsula, at the heart of which lies the mysterious upland of Bodmin Moor. This beautiful and remote land of granite, which forms the Cornish highlands, inhabits eighty square miles across the central spine of eastern Cornwall. A wild and mysterious landscape, where folklore permeates every hill, rock and river. Inhabited by piskies, giants and conjurors, who in turn control the old trackways, hilltops and weather. It is a land haunted by the wild hunt of the Devil’s Dandy Dogs and the demonic spectre of Tregeagle.


June 2nd, 7.30pm in the Museum library.

A free talk, booking essential: email Judith at the Museum: to book your place.

There will be opportunities to purchase copies of Alex’s book and to get it signed.