Witch play this Sunday

This play has been earning rave reviews and even moving audience members to tears!  The next performance is on Sunday 7th August one performance at 5pm and one at 8pm.  Tickets are £10 per person (available from the Museum, 01840 250111 or museumwitchcraft@aol.com).

We feel really privileged to have this play being performed in the Museum library – it was written for the Museum by Circle of Spears Productions.  http://www.circleofspears.com/

Here are some comments from audience members:

“Thought provoking”
“Deeply impressive performance”

“…well written – well performed, highly recommend it.”

Here are some photos from rehearsals…


Above: the play is sort of like a courtroom drama.  There are three characters: Margery Scrope (a woman accused of witchcraft), Sir William Tyrell (the judge/local landowner seated) and Thomas Latimer (the accuser).


Above: the play is thought provoking and well researched (it is based on real cases from the early modern period).