In the Land of the Bucca: Witches, Piskies, Knockers and Spriggans – A Cornish Cabinet of Curiosities

We look forward to reopening in May 2021. Our new exhibition, postponed from 2020, looks to celebrate all things magical and Cornish.

In the Land of the Bucca, will show some of the many rich and strange stories from ancient Kernow to modern Cornwall. Contemporary Cornish Customs will sit alongside old tales of Mermaids and Piskie folk, Giants and Sea Serpents. Learn the origins of Stargazy Pie, Guizing traditions and Crying the Neck.

Why did people seal a mouse into a block of wax? Which charms did people use to increase fertility? What would you do with a Get Lost Box? How would a Fart Bottle help with trapped wind? And why might you strip the lead from a church roof and drive a nail through it?

Presented as a Cabinet of Curiosities, many objects from the museums collection, relating to Cornwall, will be shown alongside reimagined folk tales and customs in a feats for the eyes and imagination.