Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone day of talks, April 20th

We are all very much looking forward to Janet and Gavin’s first ever visit to the museum and their day of talks. Tickets are still available so book now to avoid missing what promises to be a fascinating and insightful day. To buy a ticket simply use paypal with the museums email and use the reference ‘Janet&Gavin’.


The Evolution of Wicca:
The Changing Face of Witchcraft

A talk by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone on the development of Witchcraft since the 1960’s
and how it is an evolving tradition. They examine the ‘patterns’ that have occurred over the
last few decades which show this process at work. They started running their first ‘progressive’
coven’ in 2001 based on these patterns, and have since been responsible for seeding similar
covens in the United States, UK, Belgium and Italy, based on the principle that all
traditions must evolve to suit their natural and social environments.
Part of this has included the integration of native trance practises, including trance-prophesy
and deity-connection. This talk includes discussions on traditions, solitary practise, initiation
(self and into covens), and the degree system, and the movement towards ‘deity-centred witchcraft’.
They come to the conclusion that the more witchcraft adapts to modern culture the more in
fact it returns back to its original roots – a Priesthood of service.

Sex, Death and Mysteries:
A multi-media presentation by
Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Janet and Gavin explore the relationship between witchcraft and magic with sexuality
and death. This look at both the psychological aspects and the mythic, exploring the theories
of the founding fathers of modern psychology and how they relate to the ancient mystery
practises of our pagan ancestors, drawing from Greek, Egyptian, Assyro-Babylonian and
contemporary and ancient Hindu mythology. Looking at their evolution in to the modern
fairy myths which hide many of the secrects of the ancient Mystery Schools. It comes to some
interesting conclusions regarding how both Eastern and Western culture draw form those same
intrinsic mysteries of the human mind and heart.




Museum History

We received this nostalgic image via our Facebook page. It shows Cecil Williamson’s original painting of a witch on her broomstick which has now been reproduced on the exterior of the door behind the shrine.

‘Me, my Dad and my little brother in the early 80’s. We travelled around England for two weeks and my Mother had read about the Museum. Knowing my interest in the supernatural, she wanted us to visit. We will try to come back again some day… love from Sweden, Albin’.

Do you have any vintage images of the museum? We would love to see them and keep a copy in the museums archive.



Tickets are on sale for the May Conference, Betwixt and Between

Our May Conference is shaping up to be a really interesting weekend of talks. Subjects so far include-

Diane Purkiss – The South Moray Witches: landscape and belief

Heather Freeman – Familiar Shapes: Early Modern Familiars and Social Bots

Emmy Vye – Witchcraft and The Archetype of the Medial Woman

Zoe Mitchell – A deed without a name: Witchcraft in modern poetry and the role of the witch in creative practice

Full details will be posted over the coming weeks.

Tickets are available at £25 for the weekend via PayPal –

Please put ‘GOWDIE’ as an instruction/reference.

Price includes admission to conference as well as entry to the Museum on Saturday and Sunday.

Should you have any questions please email the museum. Times will be confirmed once the full list of speakers has been confirmed but we will start at 10am on each morning. Please try to book early as there were a lot of disappointed people last year when we sold out!




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