Autumn Equinox Window Display

Autumn Equinox Window Display


Our new window display for the Autumn Equinox is now in place.  The equinox marks the day when the Sun rises exactly East and sets exactly West.  At this time of year the Solar decrease begins and the dark half of the year is upon us.  Plants are dying back, the leaves are falling from the trees in the ever continuing wheel of death and rebirth.  Day and night are equal this day.  Light and dark, male and female all equal.



The theme for this window is the second harvest, the harvest of fruits.

To celebrate this, we have apples hanging from the Stag’s antlers (designed by Marti Dean), and a beautiful decorative swag of hops hanging from the ceiling.


We also have this beautiful cider bottle, sealed with wax and ‘oak apples’ or galls.  Cecil Williamson wrote about this item:

“Charm bottle made for the protection of cider apple orchards from frost, bugs of all sorts and to have the bees to fertilize the blossoms.  Made by a green witch working the Ottery St Mary area. Tightly corked and sealed with wax, seven oak apples, or to be precise seven gall nuts from the oak tree, serve as a symbolic symbol.  Entrapped inside the spirit of cider rests on his sea bed of vintage cider, ever ready to burst forth should danger threaten.”



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