Countdown to our Midsummer Event – two days to go!

Countdown to our Midsummer Event – two days to go!

On Saturday June 24th, the Museum will be holding an event to celebrate Midsummer.  In the next few blogs, we will tell you a little of what you can expect and preview a few of the things involved.

The Midsummer Tree

A tradition found in Wales, England and Sweden.

Sometimes called “raising the birch” “the summer branch” “the dance of the birch” or “the summer birch”.

Decorated with wreaths, ribbons, shiny objects and pictures.

Said to represent the vitality of life in spring and summer.

They also represent the phallic, fertilising power of the God, thrust into the womb of the Earth Mother. 

The tree or pole also functions as an axis mundi joining the worlds of the Gods (above) with our world (below).

Dances take place around Midsummer trees: sunwise and antisunwise: dancing will take place at the Museum from 3pm on Saturday June 24th.

The Golden Cockrel

Traditionally, the Midsummer Tree was crowned with a Golden Cockrel.

The cock or rooster is a bird of a sun.

The cry of the cockrel at sunrise indicates the end of the darkness and the start of the day.

This Golden Cockrel will form part of our Midsummer Celebration on Saturday June 24th as it sits on top of the Midsummer Tree.



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