Cunning man Jacob from Holland

Cunning man Jacob from Holland

The museum had two visitors recently from the Netherlands who shared some interesting information with us.  Nelly and her partner had visited the Museum before and were struck by the resemblance of George Pickingill – the (in)famous ‘hereditary witch of Canewdon’ – to Nelly’s grandfather Jacob.

Nelly wrote:

“Jacob from Holland

Jacob and George Pickinghill are like brothers; 2 souls and both had a farm.
People were afraid of Jacob, because he talked with the animals.
He was sowing his seeds with full moon and they were growing high.
He always went outside whith thunder and lightning, for he loved it.
One time he let himself be tied onto the wicks of a windmill and then turned round
several times.
He didn’t know what fear was.
Bright feel, see and to work with herbs is still in the family.
His granddaughter Nelly has the same sort of gifts.
She use her power … and helps some people.”

Thanks for the information Nelly – we hope you enjoyed the Museum!

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