Divination: the Magic Of Halloween film

Divination: the Magic Of Halloween film

Painting above: Snap Apple Night by Daniel Maclise.  A reproduction of this painting also appears in the Museum as it shows a traditional October 31st party in a barn complete with divination games.

If you’ve been to the Museum in 2016 you will have seen the divination film in the Museum’s current exhibition Glitter and Gravedust: Halloween past and present.  For centuries, October 31st has been seen as a time to practice divination and the film explores different methods recorded in various sources and parts of Britain.  They are quite diverse.

This was filmed by Gemma Gary and Jane Cox, and researched and directed by Peter Hewitt.  They were assisted by a number of other Friends of the Museum (who generously volunteered their time during the winter).

The film is now completed and can be viewed online:

We will be adding the completed film with its haunting soundtrack to the exhibition soon.  We really cannot thank Gemma and Jane enough for their work on this project.  It has added something special to the exhibition.

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