Expansion of Prediction Magazine collection

Expansion of Prediction Magazine collection

Recently, a lovely person donated a large bag of magazines to the Museum.  As a result, we now have a much larger collection of Prediction magazine in the Museum library.  Thanks so much to Rachel Smith who donated these, they have gone to a good home and the few duplicates we have are being sold to raise money for the Museum as well.  

This donation has added some really old Prediction magazines to our collection such as these from the 1940s.  We now have three new folders full of the magazines. 

Above: I wonder if Cecil Williamson read the article about Rudolph Hess when it was published in 1941? 

The Museum has a fantastic collection of journals and magazines on witchcraft themes in our library of our over 8000 items.  The library is free to access, please just email the Museum (museumwitchcraft@aol.com) book a time (at least 24 hours notice is required).

Thanks to Enora for cataloguing these magazines for us.

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