First Witch performances

First Witch performances

The first performances of “Witch” took place in the Museum library on Wednesday.  They proved popular with visitors, the feedback has been really positive.  The next performances are on Sunday at 5pm and 8pm.  Tickets can be booked from the Museum now!

Here are some backstage photos giving you a sneak peek of “Witch”.



Above: the play has been created for the Museum by Circle of Spears.  Information about their company (and their dragon) greets visitors as they enter the library/theatre space.


Above: the library is used as the setting for the play.  It is a “one room drama” and the room is a judge’s study.  This is the place where evidence and accusations are brought against the “witch”.  


Above: the library set up as a theatre, there are twenty tickets available per performance (this photo was taken several hours before the first performance).


Above: Witch programme.   

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