Goodbye Halloween exhibition!

Goodbye Halloween exhibition!

A little under a year ago, we installed our 2016 exhibition which had the title Glitter and Gravedust: Halloween past and present.  With sections on the History of Halloween, Magic (especially Divination) on October 31st, Halloween customs around the British Isles, Witchcraft and Halloween, Samhain, Costumes, Foods and popular culture it really did have everything Halloweeny!  It led to a very successful academic conference on October 15th on this theme with Professor Ronald Hutton as the key note speaker (the papers from this conference are now being written up for a book of essays on Halloween).  Judith Hewitt, one of the Museum managers and one of the curators of the exhibition also spoke about Halloween at a Folklore Society Conference in London and on the Folklore Podcast (over 8000 downloads have now been made of this interview!)  In the past couple of weeks, the Museum team have taken down and dismantled the Halloween exhibition and prepped the space for our 2017 exhibition: Poppets, pins and power: the Craft of Cursing which will be taking shape in the month or so and be in place ready for our re-opening on April 1st.  

If you weren’t able to visit the Museum to see this exhibition, we’ve put some photos of it below for you.

You can also buy an exhibition guide for just £3:

Or listen to the Folklore Podcast:

Or watch the wonderful Divination film made by Jane Cox and Gemma Gary for the Museum:

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