Guidebook now available for our 2018 exhibition

Guidebook now available for our 2018 exhibition

We are pleased to say that a guidebook is now available for our 2018 exhibition “Dew of Heaven: Objects of Ritual Magic.”  The guidebook is available for just £3 and can be purchased from the Museum or from our online shop:

If you haven’t visited the exhibition yet, this is a good chance to find out more about it as it explores each of the sections and includes images of many of the objects on display.  If you have visited (and hopefully enjoyed) the exhibition then this guidebook gives you more detail than was provided in the displays including more contextual and background information.  It is also a great keepsake as the exhibition will only be on display in 2018.

Above: the front cover showing a cubic altar made to instructions written by Aleister Crowley in Book 4, Part 2.

Below: the contents page.

Below: the back cover features an image of Baphomet from the Museum’s collection.


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