Help us with hagstones

Help us with hagstones

If you would like to help the Museum out, bring us some hagstones when you visit us!  We are always happy to receive them ideally with holes large enough to fit a ribbon through.  We make hagstone and key charms which we sell to our visitors in the shop.  Visitors love to take home a bit of protection magic and all money raised helps to keep the Museum going for another year.  So if you are coming our way, please bring some hagstones with you if you can.

In case you don’t know what a hagstone is, they are stones with naturally occurring holes in them.  They can be found on some beaches (depends on the geology of the area) and also in some streams.  They have many uses in magic and are hung in homes for protection.  

Here are some examples from the Museum’s collection.

A hagstone and key charm and hagstones on string.

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