Marriage proposal with Museum’s help!

Marriage proposal with Museum’s help!

A few months ago, we received an email asking whether or not we would be involved in a marriage proposal.  We were contacted by John who planned to propose to his partner Jen in the spring.  How could we say no to what we believe to be a Museum first (although we’d be happy to hear about any other marriage proposals that have taken place at the Museum!)

Last week, we helped John with his plans – a spade and key with messages on were dropped off at the Museum and we were given instructions to hide them for Jen to find.  We then awaited the arrival of the couple who took the items to the White Tower as the sun set for the proposal proper.

Many thanks to John and Jen for letting us share these photos of their engagement and also for the donation of money and the beautiful bunch of flowers and card they gave to the Museum team.  We were all delighted to be involved.  

Above: three items were involved in the engagement treasure hunt: a key, a spade and a box.  Two were concealed within the Museum.  

Below: Joan the wise woman helps out and keeps an eye on the spade in her cottage.

Below: the key was hidden near our divination display.

Below: the box containing the ring was hidden near the White Tower where it was unearthed at sunset.

Below: she said “yes”!

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