Media pod/zone in library completed

Media pod/zone in library completed

The Museum library has a large (and growing) collection of information available in different mediums.  We have CDs and cassette tapes with music on them, DVDS and VHS with documentaries and movies on them, CDS and cassette tapes with interviews and other audio recordings on them, CD roms, CDS with pictures or files on them and also vinyl records.  These items have been collected over many years, some are mass produced items and some are very rare.  As you probably know, the Museum library is not a lending library and there hasn’t been an ability to listen to or view these items in the library…until now!

We are very happy to report that the Museum library now has a Media section where visitors can listen to audio, watch audio and browse other data types such as CD Roms.  This has taken quite a bit of work to set up and credit must go to Joann Varanda, a recent intern here at the Museum who catalogued and sorted all the audio recordings and also to Jeff Goodwin, intern, who researched and installed the different players needed and put them together into one section of the library.

Thanks also to the Friends of the Museum organisation for funding this venture and helping to make these things available to the public. 

The library is free to access and open to the public.  It has over 80000 titles in it.  Appointments are necessary and at least 24 hours notice is needed for library access.  To make an appointment email:


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