Midsummer Event Brings Summer Rain to Boscastle!

Although the weather wasn’t great the Midsummer Celebration was thoroughly enjoyed by all in attendance.  Merv and Alison Davey led circular and serpent dances in the harbour, around the Midsummer Birch decorated with a Golden Cockerel as well as ribbons and charms brought by participants.  People also dressed the wishing well outside the Museum with cut flowers from their gardens.  Towards the end, a procession into the Valency stream led to the dunking of St. John the Baptist – John of the Water or the Oak King – to give thanks for the summer rain that was nourishing Boscastle (at that very moment!).

Thanks to everyone who attended and especially Merv and Alison and Gillian Nott (who made St. John).  See you next year!


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