Museum appears on disability website

Museum appears on disability website

The Museum building is old and some of the corridors are narrow and we don’t have room for a lift but we do try our best to provide access to people with different needs and to those with disabilities.

For example: we have a large print guide available, we have chairs in the upstairs gallery, we put objects at different heights/levels so people can see them who are in wheelchairs, we have a stairlift, we let carers in for free, we take part in Cornwall’s carer week offering free entry to carers and their charges during that week.  In 2016, we organised a “touch tour” for a visibily impaired person and we also did a guided tour with object descriptions for a partially sighted couple.  We can also allow people to be dropped off in front of the Museum so they don’t have to walk too far if they aren’t able.

Hannah Fox went to a conference in Cornwall recently on disability access and we were reassured to hear that we were doing almost all that we could within our limitations and resources.  If you ever have any suggestions, please do pass them on to us and we will consider their viability (we may not be able to do everything people suggest but we will certainly seriously consider it).

We were recently invited to put the Museum on Euan’s Guide a website that is a hub for disabled people reviews of venues.  It describes itself as “Disabled Access Reviews: by disabled people for disabled people”.  The website’s stated purpose is: “The aim of Euan’s Guide is to empower disabled people by providing information that will give confidence and choices for getting out and about.” Euan MacDonald, Founder of Euan’s Guide.  An aim which we wholeheartedly support.

So here is the link to our page, where you can upload photos of the Museum and review us too if you like.

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