Museum comes highly recommended

Museum comes highly recommended

The Museum has appeared on a couple of blogs recently as a recommended place to visit.

We received this email about a family blog:

We are a minimalist travelling family and we are running a blog offering tips and guides for wandering the world with simplicity. We visited your place last spring during our Cornwall road trip. We enjoyed it so much that we told about it in our last post about Cornwall.

It took us some time to write this post, but we really wanted to tell about Cornwall, and especially about your Museum because we had a great time discovering your witchcraft and magic secrets!

And we are also listed as a spellbinding day out for children on this blog:

Spellbinding Days Out For Mini Witches And Wizards

Thanks to everyone for promoting the Museum and recommending it to their readers.  Let’s hope it all contributes to another record breaking season at the Museum!


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