Museum object appears on Antiques Roadshow

Museum object appears on Antiques Roadshow




On Thursday September 15th, Judith and Peter Hewitt (the Museum’s co-managers) took a Museum object onto the Antique’s Roadshow.  The Museum was invited to appear on the “Enigma Game” feature of the programme.  In case you haven’t seen this before, this is when Fiona Bruce (the main presenter) is shown a mystery object.  One of the experts tells her four different things that it could be.  She has to guess one.

The object in question was this one: 


Judith and Peter arrived at Trelissick (a National Trust property near Truro) at 9.30am and were asked to place the object on a table near where people were queuing to enter the Roadshow.  As people stood patiently, they were asked to guess what the mystery object was.  Here is a list of their choices and a photo of the queue:


At 12 noon, everyone got very excited as Fiona Bruce and the antiques experts appeared to quite a crowd in front of the main house.  The object was the focus of a lot of attention with large lights and TV cameras glaring down at it!  They filmed a 5 minute section of the show which should air at some point later in the year.  The TV crew arranged it so Judith and Peter appeared in the audience behind the object which was very thoughtful of them.



This was a great chance to showcase the Museum to a large audience (via the medium of television) but we were also delighted to chat with people about the Museum who were at the Antiques’ Roadshow for the day.  We look forward to seeing some of them here soon!

And now some frivolous snaps of the “famous faces” from Antiques Roadshow…



Last celebrity picture showing the elderly gentleman who is the pottery expert (surrounded by fans).  He is in the centre of the picture with his back to us.



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