Museum’s first ever poetry CD soon to be launched!

The Museum and Circle of Spears Production have made a CD together of poems relating to witchcraft and magic.  The CD will be available to purchase in the Museum shop and online shop.  It can also be purchased/pre-ordered from:

This collection was really inspired by the refurbished Images of Witchcraft gallery.  When undertaking this refurbishment, we realised how many of the images in that section relate to poetry such as our wonderful statue of Meg Merrilies, our new items on Tam O'Shanter and of course, the Macbeth plaque (which features on the front cover of the CD).  When looking at these objects, we found a complex and often sympathetic image of the witch: as a child of nature, mystery and imagination and, as such, of great interest to Romantic poets.  The CD features music and poems as well as excerpts from some of Shakespeare's more "magical" plays.

When Mark and Tracey Norman approached us and suggested doing an audio book or recording of some type for the Museum to use in the collection and also to sell in the shop a recording of poems seemed like a perfect fit.  We hope to install a way of listening to these poems in the Images of Witchcraft gallery over winter so visitors can look at the objects and listen to the poetry that inspired them.

Please see the front and back CD covers for more detailed information about content.

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