New museum loans

Following on from last year, we have items appearing in several exhibitions. The first to open will be in London at the Wellcome Collection, in an exhibition entitled, ‘Smoke and Mirrors: The Psychology of Magic’. . From their press release it sounds as if it will be a fascinating show –

What can magic and conjuring tell us about the human mind? Our new exhibition brings together the worlds of psychology and entertainment in search of the truth about deception.

Explore how our biases affect our perception and whether our senses can be hacked. Discover spirit photography, magic props and psychology experiments to see how magic works on – and in – the mind of the spectator.

Artefacts on display from the world of magic include the head of the gorilla costume worn by Derren Brown, Harry Houdini’s ‘Bell Box’, Tommy Cooper’s fez, and Paul Daniels’s sawing-in-half box.

Then if you happen to be in Dresden you can visit the Deutsches Hygiene Museum to see their exhibition, ‘Of Plants and People: A Stroll around Our Green Planet’. April 19th 2019 – 19th April 2020.

Lastly there is the ‘Magic: Exploring Hidden Realties’ at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery. 19th October 2019 – 19th April 2020.

In 2016 we loaned several objects to a major exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, ‘You Say You Want a Revolution’. The exhibition has been travelling the world and is now in Melbourne, Australia. We are delighted that the MWM collection is attracting attention worldwide and being recognised for it’s importance and uniqueness.



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