New shop stock available

This winter, Hannah and Judith spent a lot of time researching new shop stock.  Many items have been selling really well in the Museum shop and now they are starting to be added to our online shop as well (thanks Joyce!)  We are adding new items regularly now so keep an eye out.

One of the most popular objects in the Museum is the hare lady statue by Lionel Miskin and now you can take home a miniature version (which was made and hand painted in Cornwall for us).

We've also worked closely with a local pewter maker who has made pewter replicas of some of objects from the Museum collection.  A selection of items are pictured below, there are many more on the website.

We have Museum badges, pencils, broomstick pens and erasers (in the style of a book of magic).  

We have also worked on things which are "inspired by the Museum" so we have a scented candle which replicates the smell of the Museum (more precisely its incense) and a Wheel of the Year stained glass sticker which gives you another way of appreciating this work of art.

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