Objects from the Museum store

As part of our refurbishment this year, the Museum team have been tidying up and rearranging the Museum storeroom.  We've unearthed some interesting items and we'll post a few photos of them over the next few days.  It is unlikely that these objects will find a permanent home in the Museum displays due to space constraints but they are being kept safely in store and who knows, they be on display again some time in the future.

If you have any information about these objects or remember how they were displayed in the Museum in the past, please do let us know!

First items to show you, some paintings.

The black and white photo shows how this painting was displayed when Cecil Williamson ran the Museum (he ran it from 1951 until 1996).

If you look carefully, you can see the painting above to the left of this photo of an old Museum display.

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