Old Christmas Festivities a Great Success!

Old Christmas Festivities a Great Success!

The first celebration of ‘Old Christmas’ (Friday January 6th) in Boscastle was a great success and enjoyed by all.

At 5pm, Circle of Spears productions performed Traditional Ghost Stories, including classics from Charles Dickens and M.R. James, as well as spine-tingling local folklore and tales from around the world.  The National Trust Cafe was the perfect venue, and the event was a sell-out.  Many thanks to Jon and staff for all their hard work!

This was the Museum’s third collaboration with Circle of Spears this year.  Throughout the summer they performed the fantastic play ‘Witch’ in MWM’s library – this is set to go on tour in 2017 so check it out.  Circle of Spears also performed a cabaret style event of music and Hallowtide readings at our Halloween Conference in October.

Circle of Spears – say cheese!

After the ghost stories darkness fell, and with it came the fabulous guizing company accompanied by the Kasek Nos, the ‘Gyptians, the Raffidy Dummitz Band and host of others.  They processed from the car park along the harbour by torchlight, and performed the Chalking the Mock ceremony outside the Museum.

After this the guizers headed to the Cobweb for refreshment and more songs; and then onto the Wellington where they performed the traditional ‘Boscastle Breakdown’ folk tune, atop a half-barrell (as is the custom!)

The event was well attended by locals and visitors from further afield alike, and was tirelessly organised by Jane Cox of Troy Books, together with Gemma Gary and the Cornish Culture Association.  Many thanks to everyone involved and see you again next year!

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