Positive comments from a recent visitor

We get many positive comments from our visitors - often when they leave and say "that was amazing" or words to that effect.  We get lovely reviews on Trip advisor and people leave nice comments in our visitor comment box (some of which we then display outside the Museum on our Visitor Comments board).  This recent visitor took the time to email us their comments.  They may go on to join our Friends of the Museum organisation to continue their support and involvement with us. 

Here are their comments:

"I just wanted to say that I visited the museum for the first time in June and was amazed by it, such an important subject to many whether on a spiritual level or a historical level was handled with respect and intellect and I'm looking forward to visiting it and spreading the word as much as I can to let others know what a great place it is visit."

We're glad you enjoyed your visit, thanks for the positive comments and we look forward to seeing you here again!

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