Preparing for refurbishment…

As you may or may not know, the top gallery is being refurbished this year.  A reminder of what this area contains and what it has looked like for the past few years (warning: it does not look like this any more!)

Baphomet, the Horned God, Satanism.

Pictures of Baphomet and representations of the Green Man.

Goddess section, Snowshill collection, Crowley display.

The Richel Collection.

Hannah, Peter and Judith set to work packing it up on Thursday (helped by volunteer Sarah).  All the items have been carefully stored ready for re-display.

The team in action.

A blank canvas.

Former site of the Richel Collection.

The majority of the items will remain in this gallery.  Some items are being redisplayed in other sections of the Museum and some items will have to be put in store for a while.

The builders are arriving on Monday so we will keep you updated with the progress of this year's refurbishment.

One of the nicest things about moving Museum objects is getting to look at them closely and seeing them in a different way.  One object that caught my eye while sorting out this section was this little fellow.  He had always been there but somehow moving him and seeing him in place, in a different light made him so much more noticeable and attractive (to me at least!)

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