Pumpkins on parade

We had great fun at the weekend with Boscastle's first ever Halloween pumpkin carving competition (sponsored by the Boscastle Chamber of Trade and Commerce).  We had lots of fantastic entries and were so impressed by the talent and enthusiasm of people from the village and our visitors.

The Jack O'Lanterns lined the processional route down the Harbour and we have had so many comments on how wonderful this looked.  Everyone who entered a pumpkin (and left their name and contact details) will be receiving a small prize courtesy of the Chamber of Commerce.  There is also one overall winner which was chosen by Mari Llywd!  

Unfortunately, two of the pumpkins rolled into the river during the crowded part of Saturday's event (and one of them was a fantastic pirate pumpkin).   Also one went completely mushy before Saturday and had to be binned - sorry!

Apologies if any mistakes were made connecting names with pumpkins, there was a lot going on on Saturday- we did our best in the circumstances!  Also, if we missed anyone or if anyone has any good photos of the pumpkins lining the Harbour we'd love to add any other information or photos to this blog.

So here are the ones that remained/we have names and contact details for and the overall winner....

Overall winner: carved by staff at the Riverside. 

Carved by Ami.

Carved by Wilbur 

Carved by Zara Templar aged 8.

Carved by Liam Templar aged 5.

Carved by Millie, member of staff at the Riverside.

Carved by staff at Cornish Rambler.

Carved by Lola.

Carved by the staff at Things.

Carved by staff at Cornish Rambler. 

Carved by staff at the Picture Parlour. 

Pumpkin lanterns carved by staff at the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic!

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