Recent acquisitions…

The tail-end of 2016 saw a number of exciting acquisitions for MWM.  In November Simon Costin presented a number of artefacts to the Museum belonging to Ralph Harvey of the Order of Artemis, including his iconic Horned Headdress and numerous altar tools.  Simon has also loaned the Museum an original painting and collage by Mark Hearld of a black cat or witches familiar.

Other notable donations were a doll purchased at Rev. Zombie’s House of Voodoo in New Orleans, a collection of African magical statues including a Togolese njoo (or malformed protective statue ), a number of items from Louise Fenton who is curating 2017’s temporary exhibition ‘Poppets, Pins and Power:  The Craft of Cursing’ for the Museum.

We also found – thanks to Rory Te Tigo – this wonderful Spirit Board Table in St. Just.  It is great addition to our collection of artefacts relating to Spiritualism and the revival of magic through ‘Parlour Magic’ in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.

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