Refurbishment progress

We had a busy day yesterday.  Judith and Peter cleared out the storage area and made several trips to the refuse centre and DIY shop.

Local builders Hedley and Steve set to work moving the new cabinet upstairs.  This took longer than expected and required all their ingenuity (and muscle)!  To cut a long story short, they took the doors off, the mirror at the back and the shelves out (to make it lighters) and got it upstairs where it will provide a home for the Richel Collection.

Here it is looking rather forlorn in the empty upstairs gallery.  Don't worry it will look much nicer soon.

Here is Peter painting the future site of the Richel collection.  Black is a background colour to incorporate this section in with the neighbouring display (Curses), it won't really be seen once the cabinet is in place.

A totally miserable day in Boscastle today and we're pushing ahead with the refurb, more to come soon!

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