Tattoo artist in the Museum

Tattoo artist in the Museum

We were delighted to welcome Jack from Tattoos for your enemies here last week.  He left us with a couple of great gifts: one is a set of pictures he created of designs for tattoos to be used on the day.  People chose their tattoo from this image.


His artwork was inspired by objects in the Museum’s collection.  This image was inspired by the Bellarmine Jar (or witch bottle) photographed below.



And this image seems to have been inspired by the images of Gnomes (and the Gnome Manuscript) in the Richel and Elderman’s Collection (sample image below – there are lots!).




This moon image is similar to a charm in the Museum’s collection created by Gerald Gardner (photographed below).dsc_0004


Jack also donated two of his design books to the Museum library.  


The photograph below shows Jack with a Friend of the Museum.  She later said, “I’m completely over the moon, a real magickal experience with a talisman i will carry forever. Thank you so much!!!!!”


This was an unusual event which people at the Museum on the day enjoyed.  We were pleased to offer people something different and we’re always delighted to see the way that the Museum inspires people in so many ways.

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