Tidying up the Museum garden

Tidying up the Museum garden

It has been a long summer and Joan’s Garden in front of the Museum has looked great for most of the year.  If you don’t know, this is a garden (paid for by the Friends of the Museum) where each plant has a sign next to it explaining its use in magic, herbalism or folkloric beliefs about it.  After several windy days in Boscastle, it desperately needed a tidy up.  The Museum Manager, Judith set to work this week with a little help from some very special people…

Above: the garden before after a long summer and some strong winds.

Above: the garden after, cut back and tidy for the winter ahead with around 100 daffodil bulbs planted for spring.

Above: some heathers planted for a little winter colour.

Above: the wishing well with the cauldron plant pot filled with cylamens.

Judith was “helped” by Tom, the Museum dog (above) and Agnes Emily Hewitt now four months old (below).


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