What an amazing night!

Yesterday was October 31st and we had lots of events happening during the day and into the night.

We've already chronicled our daytime events but things got even more spectacular after dark!


Above: the whole crew outside the Museum after the afternoon morris dancing (see our previous blog for more photos of this).
Above: Mari Llywd arrives at the Museum and below inside the Museum. 



Above: the visitors are greeted by cakes and ale.  Soul cakes baked by Peter, ale poured by Joyce!


Above: Joyce in the thick of it all!



Above: Fire dances performed as it gets dark.



Photos above to give you a feel for the event (which was well attended as you can see).  
Photos don't really do the atmosphere justice - better come yourself next year if you can (we've pencilled in the date of  Saturday October 29th 2016 - see you there!)
Our last candlelit evening of the year was also a success with many of the crowd and many morris dancers coming back for a look around the Museum. 
Above: Little turnip lantern to be held in the hand
Above: Pumpkins from last night enjoying the morning sunshine in Boscastle




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