What Do Witches think of the Church?

We've had an interesting request from a researcher who writing an article looking at the question: What Do Witches think of the Church?  If you would like to contribute your ideas, please email them to museumwitchcraft@AOL.com and we will pass them on to the researcher.  The article may well be published in two Christian magazines (Fortean Times and Premier Magazine).

The researcher's rationale for this article is: "I’ve made it clear to the editor that I don’t want to write an article condemning witchcraft... Instead, I thought it might be a good way of breaking down a few barriers and challenging some stereotypes that Christians might have of witches. It might also give them food for thought as to why church didn’t fulfil their spiritual needs. For example, I remember at the last ASSAP day, I spoke to a witch who said that Christianity’s male-centric deity was a problem for her. I thought that was fascinating and something that Christians could learn from."

He would like to know:
-the opinions and stories of witches who may have had positive or negative experiences with the church
-if any witches might have any sort of apologetic or explanation for the reading of the anti-witch texts of the Bible? Are their Christians who would also practice witchcraft? If so, how do they reconcile those texts?




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