What’s been going on at the Museum? Part One…

It has been a hectic winter and there have been lots of changes.  We've had a busy Easter holiday period and now that we are back in full swing (and can draw breath) it seems a good time for an update on what has been happening at the Museum.  These blogs will work through each of the sections of the Museum that have been re-furbished.

Part One: the Museum Exterior
The Museum masonry was given a fresh lick of paint.  The windows and doors were also painted.  New signs were installed.  A new leaflet display has been put on the outside of the building for people to collect leaflets even when the Museum is closed.

New signs have been put in the booth window showing TripAdvisor reviews and general information about the Museum.  A new A-frame sign shows the new logo.   The Visitor Comment Board was updated.

The herb garden was given some TLC (after being battered by a windy Cornish winter) and cornflower seeds have been planted in the other plant boxes.  The window display was changed to reflect the season of the year and the Wheel of the Year information is now displayed near the Stag in the main window.   The broomsticks were moved to be nearer to the Witch Door.

It is all looking fresh and is getting positive responses from our visitors.

Part Two to follow soon - the entranceway, the shop and the Shrine...

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