What’s been going on at the Museum…part six

While the majority of the work this winter went into re-displaying the ground floor (the entrance, shop, Images of Witchcraft, Persecution and the new temporary exhibition space) there were some alterations in the rest of the Museum.

Joan's cottage has had a few minor changes.  One is an extended entrance so that visitors can peep their heads further inside to experience the atmosphere all the better.

Joan's cottage also has a new sound recording playing in it.  The previous recording had been playing for over a decade and it felt an opportune moment to introduce a new version of spells and charms.  This will be available to buy as a CD and an accompanying book is also planned.  More details of this will follow soon.

Another area that saw some changes was the top gallery.  The Green Man section was given a bit of a facelift with new wallpaper, a new colour scheme and glass shelves.

The hare lady also had to be moved as she had been in the stone circle area.  She is now upstairs near the Goddess section.

Thus concludes our tour of the refurbishment of the Museum.  It took a while to do and a while to write about but it was worth it.  The Museum looks great and is being well received by visitors.  If you haven't been to the Museum for a while you might like to pop in and have a look!

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