What’s been going on at the Museum? Part Two…

A continuing look at the Museum re-furbishment by taking a tour through the Museum.  Blog Number 2 is on the entranceway, shop and Shrine.

New door installed with light above it and a new noticeboard in the entrance.  All the woodwork has been sanded and stained.  The floor has been restored and looks better than ever.  New display boxes for shop stock and lights in the shop to illuminate bottom two shelves.  New book stand with lots of excellent books.   Lots of exciting new shop stock (to come on the online shop soon)

The Museum gives money to Cornwall Air Ambulance and now has a new haunted house style display for this.  The Shrine memorials have all been framed and displayed together.  The Wheel of the Year has moved into the Shrine area.  The booth has new lights.

Original signs from the Museum have been framed and put up in the entrance corridor as has a sign welcoming people to the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic.

Part Three will be the new Images of Witchcraft (coming soon)

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