What’s been happening at the Museum Part Five…

What’s been happening at the Museum Part Five…

Lots of work was done at the Museum over the winter months to keep things looking fresh and to enable us to get more objects on display.  Here is an update of what has been happening (see if you can spot the changes when you next visit)…

In the top gallery, we moved Lionel Miskin’s Hare statue into the centre of the gallery where it looks rather amazing.

She really gets the prominence she deserves and you can see her from the front and back really clearly.

We created a new display specifically looking at the Goddess and the Moon.  It also includes objects relating to the stars and the Sun.

We moved some of the piskies around a bit to include the terracotta sculpture on the third shelf down.  The Museum’s founder Cecil Williamson wrote of this vessel, “To describe in detail the method of Susan Shaw’s ritual working with the terracotta figures etc. would take too long. But good practical person that she was, she used her Green Magic to work good for people and that of course was with the help of her conjured nature spirits.”

We also added a picture of the Wild Hunt to this display with the fox mask (The mask represents the fox, the bear, the lone hunter, the masculine and Hern.)

The major change was that we created a large cabinet so we could display more objects in this gallery.

The top shelf looks at the Goddess and the Seasons/Wheel of the Year.  On the left are objects associated with Lammas and made for Beltane.  In the centre is the Bed of Bride with offerings made for the Museum by Gillian Nott for our “Almost Imbolc” celebrations in February 2017.  To the right are objects used in rituals at Imbolc.

The central shelf explores the Goddess as Mother and the Goddess Isis specifically.  To the right are objects relating to the connection between Goddesses and feathers.  This display includes a feather mask of which Cecil Williamson wrote “In witchcraft one constantly finds reports of witches turning into or taking on animal forms. Hence the Devil’s masks, Padstow hobby horse, and countless other examples…This West Country witch’s face mask formed from chicken feathers and surmounted with a peacock’s feather is brimful of magical symbolism. Presented to the Witchcraft Research Centre [the Museum] by a Cornish witch living and working in the Praze-An-Beeble area of Cornwall.”  

The next shelf has images of the Goddesses from Crete, Ancient Babylon and representations of Lilith.  To the right is a section on Goddesses specifically associated with magic such as Hekate and Serqet/Selqet/Serket.  

The bottom shelf is mainly donations from Ralph Harvey, several of which he has made recently.  This section explores the connection between the Horned God and the Goddess and the ritual regalia associated with them.  

We are really pleased to have been able to get so many of these objects out on display for our visitors to enjoy.

Part Six (the final part) of What’s been happening at the Museum coming soon…

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